Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Step 2:

empower-networkQ: “I thought you said this system was free?!”

A: Yes, it is – The Total Funnel System is FREE – 100% FREE. Unfortunately I hear the above statement from USERS WHO DO NOT WATCH THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS more than I’d like to. As clearly described throughout the system and within the Step 2 video, Step 2 is optional (but highly recommended) as this is the step where the BIG money is made, and where you’ll gain access to the best education to properly market your business in addition to the free marketing training that we provide to you under the “Training Center” tab. You can choose to invest in your business however you like. However, if you are not prepared to invest in your education or your business, you may choose to use the Total Funnel System (which is a 100% free marketing system available to you to help you market our recommended online income streams) and also choose to earn commissions from step 1 (which is ALSO 100% free).

Please watch the Step 2 video to gain clarity on the topic before making assumptions. 

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Q: I have read reviews on Empower Network from members of another affiliate marketing company. What is your take on that? 

A: In today’s online world, unfortunately anyone with a blog can mislead others for their own gain. To get the unbiased facts on Empower Network from someone who knows the system inside and out, read the nets most comprehensive review here

PrintQ: Is the Total Funnel System Accredited With Empower Network?  

A: Yes, the Total Funnel System has been reviewed and fully approved by Empower Network as a marketing system that you can use to promote your Empower Network business. 

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