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How International Users Can Join MCF:

Although My Cash Freebies was primarily built for users within the USA, Canada and United Kingdom, there is now a way for International Users to join. If your Country is shown within the list provided by paypal below, you CAN work the program.

All My Cash Freebies Members are exclusively paid via PayPal, so in order to proceed, you must have a paypal account.

International users are not able to complete MCF offers as these offers are exclusively available to US, UK and Canada.

International users simply join MCF and market their business to USA, UK, and Canada.

Once you (the International user) completes your first referral on the MCF Express and MCF Double websites, you will then need to place a support ticket, asking them to trade your first completed referral for a qualification status. This will then enable you to earn commissions, turning your account status “green” (qualified). Once this has been accomplished, you (the international user) will then be paid for anybody who completes their free trails there after.

Please note that MCF cannot send any checks, money orders or Direct Deposits. MCF Pays exclusively via PayPal for International Transactions.

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For All US, UK, and Canadian Residents: 

How To Enroll In My Cash Freebies 

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How To Submit A Missing Credit Request

Once you are logged into My Cash Freebies, you can submit a missing credit request here

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How To Locate Your Referral ID’s

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