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The parent company to Pure Leverage, GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has been around for quite some time now. I actually remember hearing of GVO from dozens of marketers when I was first making my way online in 2009. However… at the time, GVO was not something that interested me.

An Insider Look at GVO and Pure Leverage From Someone Who Never Thought They’d Join

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Why GVO Was NOT On The Top Of My List.

pure-leverage-top-ratedI am a strong believer in purchasing products / tools for my business solely for their specialties. For example: If I want an autoresponder – I’m going to purchase an autoresponder that specializes in being the best autoresponder on the market, and nothing else – at the time – Aweber. If I wanted a hosting account, I’m going to use the host that everyone recommends with great support, load times etc. Something like hostgator, for example. If I want to host media (video), I am going to use services like Youtube (carefully), EZS3 or Viddler. …And finally, if I want to create capture pages, I am going to get something like Optimize Press. Each of these products focus on specializing in one thing, and they are (for the most part) VERY good at what they do. GVO (originally a hosting company) looked to me as if they were trying to attract Internet Marketers with a wide variety of “Free Tools” that … “just got the job done”. Meaning – nothing looked comparable to the leading products I mentioned above. In a sense, I saw them as a “jack of all trades, and master of none”.

Is GVO / Pure Leverage Worth Another Look?

pl-marketing-gimmickRecently, there has been a lot of buzz on the market about GVO and their newest tool suite. When I first heard of the GVO launching their newest set of tools packaged under the name Pure Leverage (being a bit skeptical), I immediately thought – “it’s gotta be a marketing gimmick”. It wasn’t until I started hearing rumors of Internet Marketers getting their Aweber accounts shut down due to “complaints” that I started to worry and look for other options. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have been with Aweber since 2009 and strongly recommended their product to hundreds, if not thousands of marketers worldwide… Because it was the best. On a side note: as an affiliate, you’re all too familiar with the infamous commission notifications when someone purchases Aweber thru your link:

You Just Earned $0.30 From Aweber


Aweber is definitely the definition of “weenie commission”

My average monthly affiliate check from Aweber was right around $450… and I probably sold more product with Aweber than I did with Empower Network, and I just earned a little over a half million dollars with them in just over a year – that’s the difference between 100% commissions… and fractions.


However, it’s never really bothered me, because I was never really marketing Aweber for the weenie commissions – it was because I believed in their product and personally used their product to grow my business.

… Until Now.

Again, this post is not to bash Aweber, but it has come to my attention that they have been struggling with deliverability. Their response to their issues was to shut down high volume accounts that generated complaints (get the full story from other marketers on this topic here and another here). Many of my peers, partners and teammates lost their accounts… and then it happened – my account was also flagged. And if you’ve been building a list for any length of time – you know the value in your list. Currently, mine is easily valued in the multiple 6 figures so I was lucky that Aweber was decent enough to work with me during the move, but if you have to be scared to email your list for fear of getting shut down, then…

It’s Time To Look For Another Solution.

pure-leverage-worth-another-lookWith all the buzz online in regards to GVO’s newest product, Pure Leverage… well, I thought it was worth another look. And after doing my due diligence, comparing them to every other autoresponder on the market, what they have done, has literally blown me away. Not only do you get WAY more for WAY less as the lowest cost autoresponder on the market, but… Pure Leverage’s autoresonder is slated to have 100% Deliverability. Add to that the fact that it is owned by an Internet Marketer who understands our industry, and is willing to work with other Internet marketers rather than just shutting down their account (like other previously mentioned autoresponders). So, whether you are just getting your start, or you’re a seasoned veteran with a big list… you know that your list is safe with Pure Leverage. And I must say that they have REALLY stepped up their game since 2009. After purchasing Pure Leverage (specifically for the autoresponder), I started poking around in GVO’s hosting, their media servers, the Pure Leverage capture page system and the wide variety of other tools in the back office such as their video e-mail service, and conference rooms (much like gotomeeting), and to my surprise… they were ALL top notch.

Pure Leverage Has Become The Internet Marketer’s “All In One Solution”

I always say that everything happens for a reason. And as much as I didn’t want to put in the extra time to move from Aweber over to Pure Leverage, it really couldn’t have come at a better time. With the announcement of Pure Leverage, GVO (Pure Leverage’s Parent Company) went from paying “weenie commissions” – about $0.50 per customer – to now 100% commissions on the ‘front-end’ with the new Pure Leverage product.

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To say the least, with the upgrade of their tool suite and the 100% commissions – Pure Leverage has my attention.

The Benefits Of Pure Leverage:

  • 100% Commissions
  • More affordable (way more for less)
  • Working alongside owners that understand our niche so your accounts are safe
  • GVO Integrates with our team system which enables you to earn commissions passively (if you are a member of my team)
  • All In One Solution for Hosting, Web Sites, Domains, Conference Rooms, Video Email, Video Hosting, Autoresponder, Capture Pages and Marketing Training

Get Pure Leverage and Start Earning 100% Commissions

Get GVO / Pure Leverage TodayIn conclusion, I must say that it takes a lot for me to recommend a product. I have to personally use it, see its benefits, know that it’s value far exceeds its price, and also know without a shadow of a doubt that it will help those that I recommend to it. With that being said, Pure leverage gets my seal of approval.


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